Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse: A Homemade Cleanser & Sealant

apple cider vinegar rinse natural hair

We naturals know the struggle when looking for a great cleanser and sealant but look no more! The Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse (ACV) is great for both purposes and should definitely be tried and put into your regular hair regimen for healthy hair. Due to its acidity however it may do more harm than good if not used properly and if applied too regularly. We recommend that you use it a maximum of once a week to prevent the dryness in the feel of your hair that comes from overuse.

DO NOT use the vinegar undiluted. It is a rinse and should be rationed to 3 cups of water and 1 cup of vinegar if being put into a large bottle. However if you choose to make a smaller amount, always use the 3-1 ratio. This rinse can either be washed out of your hair or kept in once you have rationed the two ingredients correctly.

The Apple Cider Vinegar rinse is an easy do-it-yourself home treatment and can deliver many benefits such as:


Our hair strands are covered with scale-like cuticles. When the hair’s cuticles lie flat or close, our hair appears shinier, feels smoother, is easier to comb and detangle and holds moisture a lot better.

It Balances Hair’s pH Level

A vinegar rinse helps to restore your hair’s natural pH balance, keeping it healthy and soft.


As you’ve heard many times, some naturals stick to co-wash regimens to avoid the stripping and drying effects of shampoo, however conditioner is not able to get rid of all of the product buildup in your hair. Therefore the need to get old products and dirt out of your hair is still prominent! ACV rinses (can be combined with baking soda) make one of the best cleansing routines and are great for cutting through oily build-up. Once all the build-up is rinsed away thanks to the vinegar, your hair will feel softer and appear more vibrant. NO MORE DULL HAIR!

In addition, the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse also helps with cleansing your hair in protective hairstyles. Instead of fully wetting your long braids etc., gently rub the ACV rinse onto your scalp with a cotton ball and it will remove all buildup.


No one, I mean no one wants an itchy scalp! Not only is itching or patting constantly in public unacceptable but it is totally unhygienic and unsanitary. Don’t worry though, the ACV rinse contains antibacterial qualities that help provide relief from the irritation and due to its cleaning abilities, removes extra oils and old product buildup from the scalp that could be causing you to itch. In addition, it helps to add moisture to dry or flaky scalp.


ACV is very inexpensive and easy to find as it is usually just sitting there in your kitchen randomly staring at you as you go about your day. Put it to good use!


The ACV rinse promotes the circulation of blood to your scalp which allows essential nutrients necessary for hair growth to reach your roots. The few disadvantages of the ACV rinse include:


The ACV rinse has a very strong and unpleasant smell. However rinsing the hair with water afterwards usually takes care of this.


This rinse can dry the hair and make it brittle if used too regularly or if too much apple cider vinegar is used. A little goes a long way (3-1 ration always!).

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