7 Easy Ways to Style Box Braids & Senegalese Twists

Box braids and Senegalese twists are the natural fashionistas protective styles of choice… and rightly so. Their versatility makes them a no-brainer protective style for winter (and summer) months. So, you’ve paid and arm and two legs to get them in and now you’re wondering how to style them. You’ve come to the right place. We enlisted talented hair stylist Susy (aka Africancreature) of Hair By Susy to give us the lowdown on maintenance and styling box braids and twists so that you make the most of your investment…

Believe it or not you can have braids that last 3 months. You just need to redo the braids around your head. It’s important to redo the edges every 3 weeks to avoid breakage. Moisturizing is also important, especially when your hair is in a protective style.

Braids and twists can definitely reek havoc on our delicate and precious edges, but if properly taken care of, there’s no need to fret. Susy advises using bigger braids/twists around your hairline. Curls Understood™ is also a big fan of glycerin in the form of S-Curl or any other activator spray. If you live in humid climates, the glycerin during the summer months keeps your curls lusciously moisturized and soft.

When it comes to your edges, section the boxes bigger to avoid tight pulling & breakage. Wash them every 3 weeks and keep your hair moisturized. You can make your own mixture using water, coconut oil & olive oil in a spray bottle.

Check out Susy’s tutorial on 7 quick and easy ways to style you box braids and twists. We think these hairstyles are so cute and innovative. Anyone can do them! For more inspiration visit Curls Understood’s Pinterest board.

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*Photos from Beyonce.com, KinkyCurlyCoily.com and Pinterest

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