5 Ways to Protect Your Child’s Curly Hair in Winter

winter natural hair care tips for kids

The colder months are here, oh my! I know we are never ready for the colder weather but that doesn’t mean your kid’s hair doesn’t have to be. We need to keep in mind that the care for our children’s hair needs to be amped up during the colder months. Be prepared and spend start implementing these 5 winter natural hair care tips for kids that’l help you protect your child’s hair for winter and fall.

RoutineSticking to a routine is important in the colder months. Once you get in the habit of sticking to a routine it will be much easier for you and your’s child. Plan to protective style your child’s hair over the weekend and pick a set day in the week to redo the style.

MoistureMake sure that you are properly moisturizing your child’s hair. You should be using a moisturizer daily on your child’s hair. This is beneficial because the hair needs much more moisture in the colder fall/winter months due to the environment. Make sure to deep condition at least every other week too.

HatsMake sure that your child’s hat wool or cotton hats are lined with satin. Or place a satin scarf on their head before placing on the hat. This will hep protect their hair from damage caused by the wool rubbing against the hair.

Minimal WashingOnce a week is best. Multiple washing leads to dryer hair, especially during the colder months. Never allow your child to go outside with wet hair! A BIG no no.

HumidifierTurn on the humidifier or steam your child’s hair twice a month when you deep condition. Steaming has so many benefits! You should definitely use a steamer to aid in conditioning during the winter months. Adding steam to your child’s hair will add some much needed moisture. This will encourage growth and length retention.

I hope these tips help aid you in keeping your child’s hair protected and healthy until we make it back to the warmer months.

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