5 Summer Proof Hairstyles For Natural Hair

Summer proof hairstyles for natural hair

One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is almost over. The bonfire s’mores we’ve been craving are still waiting to be devoured, the festivals we’ve been seeing on Instagram are selling out, and ‘fros everywhere are free! With all these activities to tend to, most of us naturals would definitely prefer low-maintenance styles. Luckily, I’ve come up with some summer-proof ways to jazz up your curls while staying cool the remainder summer. 

The Half Up-Half Down
This half up-half down style is my favorite. It’s so simple to do and works for many occasions. If you prefer styles that don’t require touch-ups then this is the style for you. Look rad at the company picnic and chic at the rooftop bar all in one day.

The Side Bun
The side bun is another style that can be very versatile. Create twists in the front of your hair to frame your face or push all to the side and create a side-swept bang. Another option is to create two buns on each side.

Curls Be Free
Let your curls be free! No worries about flyaways and stubborn edges. Let your hair do it’s own thing and add a flower crown for some summer vibes.

Head Wrap Glory
Perfect for any day and any season is the head wrap. We all have those days when we just don’t feel like dealing with our curls, kinks and coils. Girl, I don’t blame you. Head wraps are a fun way to protect your hair against hot sun rays, salty ocean water and humidity.

Accessorize Me!
Damnnnn! Back at it again with the hair accessories.  Whether it be a clip or a bold scrunchie, hair accessories an easy and effortless way to jazz up any style. Start by creating your favorite updo: bun, puff or ponytail and wrap your scrunchie or fabric around the base. There you go!

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