5 Remedies To Fix A Dry Scalp

dry scalp remedy

It’s the New Year and I’m determined to start 2015 with a healthy scalp. I was recently discussing a new shampoo that has revolutionized my natural hair regimen on our blog. But there’s more than one way to skin a cat and I wanted to share the other steps I am taking to combat my dry scalp. Here are 5 remedies to fix a dry scalp. And we all know a healthy scalp means healthy hair which leads to length retention.



As always, Drink it and use it! I have noticed a huge difference in my scalp when I’m excessively drinking water versus me chugging Thai teas like there’s no tomorrow. It also goes without saying, having dry scalp means you will have to wash your hair more often. Don’t go crazy because sometimes the wash itself can be too abrasive and make your dry scalp even worse. I wash my hair weekly and have started spritzing my scalp with a little water and Ylang Ylang oil during the week. This extra step has really helped my scalp stay moisturized and get me through to my next wash.



They feel amazing, especially if you add a little tea tree or peppermint oil and they provide a nice, nourishing foundation for a healthy scalp. Learn more about hot oil treatments.



This option will vary from scalp to scalp. Some people have very mild dry scalp and a simple co-wash with a clarifying conditioner will do the trick. Other people, like me, don’t have that luxury. I need something a bit stronger than a conditioner and more mild than most shampoos on the market. See my jamaican black castor oil review on my blog Vivrant J. It’s important to discover what your scalp needs to be clarified and breathe.



This one isn’t so simple. There are soooooo many products in the world. How do you choose which products are right for you and in what order? Trial and error my friend! But once you find your staples stick to them. Over time you will find your hair and your scalp will thank you. You can start building your natural hair regimen with these resources.



Wild card! Henna is by far one of the best solutions for dry scalp. I have found that it has lasting results and truly revitalizes your hair and scalp. I’d still be using it if I wasn’t planning on coloring my hair. But all of those benefits come at a price.

I hope these quick tips help my dry scalp peers and if you have any questions or want more specifics email me at [email protected]! Happy New Year!

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