5 Amazing Natural Hairstyles With Flowers!

natural hairstyles with flowers

Accentuate your hairstyles this spring with flower power! Accessorizing with flowers is a fun and simple way to add a pop of color or dash of elegance to your look. Everything from fresh blooms to statement flower crowns and dainty stems of Baby’s Breath pair well with a multitude of natural hairstyles.

There is no right or wrong way to go about embellishing your tresses with flowers, just secure some flowers where you see fit and watch your hair bloom. Check out these natural hairstyles with flowers.

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Add flowers to your afro and watch as your tresses transform into a vibrant garden.


Life’s too short for humdrum hair. Refresh your routine curly style with an assortment of blossoms.


Transform your undercut or tapered cut into a work of art with a front-and-center floral headband or a small bushel of flowers secured on the side.


Channel your inner flower child by adding a touch of playfulness to your afro puffs and pigtails with flowers.

natural hairstyles with flowers
*Comfy Girl With Curls


Crown your twists, braids, or locs with wreath of statement flowers.

How do you dress up your kinks and curls with flowers?

Main Photo Credit: Kiera Brown aka @KieraPlease

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