4 Easy Habits That Will Improve The Health of Your Curly Hair

good habits for healthy hair

Healthy hair makes all the difference to your look. A bouncy barnet and glossy curls can make anyone feel fantastic. While there are lots of products to help you maintain your locks, sometimes it is worth doing things the natural way. Luckily, food and drinks contain many of the important natural ingredients that can make your hair beautifully soft and shiny. Here’s our list of the top four nutrients to include in your diet for a healthy natural hair.


Include Protein in Your Diet

Protein is vital for good hair, skin and nails. That’s because it is the so-called ‘building-block’ nutrient – protein is required for the body to grow and develop. Without protein your cells can’t rebuild and that impacts your hair. In essence it keeps hair strong, healthy and able to grow. This is particularly important for those with tight curls, such as type 3c hair, where strong bonds in the hair strains are required to avoid the dreaded frizz. So, make sure you consume the recommended amount of protein each day. Meat contains lots of protein, but there are many other sources of it elsewhere – think beans, nuts, fish, lentils, eggs, cheese and milk.


Take Vitamin A Supplements

Another key nutrient for great hair is Vitamin A. This little molecule keeps hair soft, avoiding brittle – important in curly types 1a to 3c hair, but good for straight locks too. Vitamin A works by promoting the growth of healthy tissue, meaning the hair grows long and soft. To get it into your diet try eating more sweet potato, carrots and dark green vegetables. Failing that you can take vitamins.


Drink Plenty of Water

We all know water is essential for life. Drinking enough can make a real difference to our skin condition and overall look. But it’s also worth mentioning that making sure you’ve had enough fluids each day can really affect your hair. Being well hydrated – drinking 1.5-2L water per day – will add bounce and shine to your locks, making sure they grow healthy and strong. If you find drinking water difficult, try keeping a record of what you’re consuming – that will indicate when you need to have a bit more. Remember to hydrate adequately after exercising and when consuming alcohol too.


Snack On Nuts Between Meals

Omega-3 fatty acids are also great for hair. These oils make hair shiny and promote adequate hair growth. It’s also good for other parts of your body too like nails and skin. Omega-3 is an essential oil, that means we have to ensure it is included in our diet. There are many different sources. Try salmon and flaxseeds, walnut, walnut oil or pumpkin seeds. If you’re wondering how to get these into your diet, try adding nuts and seeds to your cereal in the morning for a hair-healthy breakfast.

Those are our top tips on using food and fluids to enhance your looks. So before investing in supplements, make sure you have a healthy diet and then see the impact on your hair!

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