3 Protective Styles My Daughter & I Love

protective hairstyles for toddler

There’s no better way to give your hair a break from day-to-day styling than protective styling. When it comes to our little ones, protective styles have even more benefits— it gives their hair (and our hands!) a much needed break. Here are 3 protective styles my daughter and I love.


One of the most common protective styles is braids, they’re the quickest and the easiest. When I’m in a rush or just being lazy, these are perfect. On a lazy day I’ll do four braids on my daughter and jazz them up with accessories like barrettes, bows, or my daughter’s favorite— headbands.

Mini Twists

Although these take the most time to do, my daughter and I love mini twists. When properly cared for this style can last for an entire week. These are pretty easy to do and can be worn down, in a ponytail, a bun, or half up half down. I make sure to add plenty of accessories to my daughter’s mini twists to coordinate with her outfits. After about a week I take down our mini twists and we can still get a few days from the twist-out look.

Flat Twist / Faux French Braids

If you’re like me and love the look of two French braids but can’t French braid, you’ll love this one. I love to give myself and my daughter what I call “faux French braids,” using two flat twists to get the look.

Start by parting the hair evenly down the middle, dividing the hair into 2 even sections. I start with one side, taking a small section of hair in the front and putting it in a small ponytail with a snag-free ponytail holder. From there I simply flat twist the hair down to the ends and secure with a barrettes or bow.  Continue with the other side of the hair and you’re done. It’s super cute!

Although protective styles are a great way to give your hair a break, you don’t want to neglect your hair. Always make sure the hair and scalp are clean and moisturized to promote healthy hair. Which of these styles is your favorite? Do you and your little one have a favorite protective styles?

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