Fun in the Sun: 3 Curly Hairstyles to Wear on the Beach

natural hairstyles for the beach

It’s that time of year again; the warm weather is finally here. This means more trips outdoors, especially to the beach! But what will your hair look like while soaking up the sun? If you’re one of the many natural haired women (and men) out there who struggle to figure out what to do with their hair, there are now many ways to make sure your hair looks great but still gets the best treatment during your seaside outings. Below, we’ll give you 3 ways to create amazing beachside looks this season without having to do maximum damage.



Braids are one of the most common ways to keep your hair ready for the sun, the heat, the humidity, and the water. While some naturally use their own hair to braid and others use weaves or extensions, braids can save you time and hair care during your time on the beach. Box braids, cornrows and micro-braids are some great options for braiding that you can try. This look makes upkeep somewhat simple and trying to create new looks each day on the sand even simpler.



Large top knot buns or Bantu knots are a more fun and lively way to show off your hair while keeping it up and away from the water on the beach. Buns and knots give one control and stability that maybe other styles that are more free form and loose don’t do. The great thing about buns is that you can play with the number of buns or knots that you have on your head. Why stop with just one? Why not get nostalgic and go for two? Or three? Depending on your level of bold and fun you want to achieve with your look, the more the merrier.



Finally, when in doubt, rock the most natural of looks and of you, an afro. Upkeep for this look maybe still be normal as any other day for you, if not more, but you get a bold standalone look that demands attention on the beach as you walk. Afros can be small or big depending on the pre-care and after care, and just add the most honest side of you to your look. (Don’t fix what’s broken…just make it sassier than ever!)

With these looks, you can really do some neck turning damage on the beach this season, all while making sure your natural hair still looks and feels good at the end of the day. Happy beach season and may you have the best of hair days everyday this summer!

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