3 Hairstyles To Avoid on Your Toddler

natural hairstyles for kids

Children are such a blessing. They look up to us as their hero. A person who they can draw great inspiration from – and hair is know exception. They not only want to get involved in every process of taking care of your hair, they also want to know how to style it. Embrace these as teachable moments. Kids like to mirror everything you do as a parent, that’s part of their learning process and their path to independence.

When it comes to styling kid’s hair, and more importantly teaching them how to style their own hair, you do have to be very careful with your approach. Just like you wouldn’t want to pull your own edges or cause your ends to break, you don’t want them to develop habits that will put their own hair under the same stress. Their hair is way more sensitive than ours so you do have to maintain their hair with even more fragility.

Here are three hairstyles that you should avoid when styling your toddler’s hair. You want to give them a chance of having healthy long hair and it all starts with how you take care of your own hair and what you do to theirs…



Braids are a hairstyle we as parents love to do purely because of its time-saving power. Braids are a simple style to do that will last for a long period. They’re great because you manipulate the hair less when in braids and curls will grow longer over the same time period this way.

Unfortunately, if hair is braided too tightly it will lead to breakage, a lot of tension and stress on the hairline and overall hair loss in time. Your child will start to complain that the braids are too tight and you will start to notice tension bumps along their scalp. Do not put your kids through that pain.

If you’re braiding their hair you will need to do this very loosely. The style may not last as long as you want it to, but at the end of the day your child is pain-free and their curls avoids breakage, baldness and hair loss.



When I try to do a wash n’ go in both of my kid’s hair, it does not end well at all. In fact, it causes me more problems than it needed too. Not only do kids play in and with their hair, other kids like to jump in and play with they curls! By the end of the day I find knots, tangles, sand and even food in their hair.

Wash n’ Gos, or any “out” style like afros, are not practical hairstyles for little kids on-the-go. This style is best left for the grown people, who can infuse more moisture when needed and we have more control over who is up in their hair!



We all long for the best for our children. We want them to have long healthy hair and we want to teach them the correct way in maintaining it. That said, I am not a big fan of any form of heat on my hair or my kids’

Blowouts and flat ironing will cause heat damage and breakage if done excessively. I would suggest that you do these type of styles soon your child’s hair only for special occasions.

There are so many ways to obtain that straightened look. For example, you can purchase the CWK plates to stretch the hair, use the banding method to help stretch the hair or African Threading. Also consider allowing the hair to dry naturally. It is the better method to blow drying your hair.

What style do your prefer doing in your toddler’s hair? Why Do you prefer that style?

natural hairstyles for kids


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