3 Curly Products That Live Up To Their Hype

curly hair products that actually work

With all the products on the market catering to curly hair, it can be difficult to determine which products are worth a try and worth the buy. With Instagram being one of my main sources of discovering new products, I’ve found myself splurging one too many times on someone else’s Holy Grail only to find out it wasn’t right for me.

If you’re reading this right now and shaking your head at all of the Instagram-popular products that have let you down, fear not! I can assure these three products live up to their hype:


Hair Yum Blueberry Yogurt Deep Conditioner

Luckily this brand is more than a cute name. This deep conditioner left my hair feeling, looking, and smelling, well—yummy!

It’s formulated with blueberry extract which promotes hair growth, (I’ll let you know if I see any remarkable results.) The consistency is rich and creamy, very much like yogurt. Although it’s a heavy formula, it didn’t weigh down my 3b/3c curls at all. My hair soaked this product up like a sponge in water!

As I combed it through my strands to evenly distribute, it smoothed and defined my curls while clumping them together just how I like it. (Added bonus— the entire Hair Yum line is vegan, and paraben and silicone-free.)


Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk

Formulated with rice milk, the Curl Love Moisture Milk is a daily moisturizing cream that claims to prevent breakage, shedding, and styling damage. Now, I can’t say that this product prevents shedding— which, by the way is an interesting claim seeing as light shedding is perfectly normal— but what I will say is that it’s super hydrating. The Moisture Milk will definitely leave your hair moisturized without the need to reapply daily (although it is perfectly safe to do so.)

It cocktails well, making it an amazing addition to your current hair care routine. I’ve used it in place of a leave-in, and I’ve used it as an every-other-day moisturizer for my ends and have not been disappointed yet.


DevaCurl Super Cream Coconut Curl Styler

I don’t know about you, but if I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen Devacurl’s Supercream on my feed, I would be rich. Good stylers are hard to come by, especially for tighter curl patterns, but this stuff right here…let’s just say it is number one on this list for a reason.

Formulated with coconut oil and jojoba, this product defines curls, tames frizz, adds hold, and refreshes next day hair, all while adding moderate moisture and loads of shine. A little bit goes a long way so this product will last you a while. Whether you’re using it for a wash and go or a twist-out, if you invest in this product you won’t be sorry.

What are the products you’ve tried with skepticism but they rose to the challenge?!

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