10 Celebrities Rocking Short Curly Hair

According to one of the oldest books known to man “for her hair is given her for a covering.” At least in the scripture 1 Corinthians 11:15 of the Bible. Hair is symbolized as a women crowning glory. Hair is one of the best accessories a woman is blessed with. Hair can take on many forms to express ones individual style. So for these 10 Celebrities they are definitely rocking their “Crowning glory” with their own individual taste in style; flaunting fierce, sexy, bold, beautiful, and game changing hair! I am going through Instagram selecting some of their most recent post to show them “Rocking Short Hair”! So take a close look and get inspired from all these different woman! Oh yeah don’t forget to follow them!

Alicia Keys

Always a trend setter and never a follower. Alicia Keys hair has always been a trending topic. You can now find her sporting a bold cut highlighting those beautiful curls! Cut at all the right angels framing her face and her beautiful features. Her Instagram is followed with a snap shot of her life between her two loves Family and Music. You will find Photos of her enjoying intimate moment loved ones. Vacation pics. And also a SUPER CELEB BESTI. But most of all you see a women full of life with a smile always on her face. If you’re not following her than check her out on Instagram @AliciaKeys

Chrisette Michele

WOW! Is all I can manage tosay when it comes to describe this woman here! Scrolling through her Instagram you will find so much Versatility she give the term “Rocking Short Hair” a run for its money. From Havana twist to box braids, weaves, and so much more including colors this woman rocks any type of style. But most of all it’s her natural hair with a simple cut that is her best look of all. Looking into her Instagram you will find a vivacious women who best accessory is her hair. With post showing her life truly befitting of a DIVA. Sharing photos of events, photoshoots, and so much more! Check her out on Instagram @ChrisetteMichele

Samira Wiley

Actress and model best known for playing Poussey Washington in the Netflix original series Orange is the New Black is just BAD ASS! From Washington DC Samira Wiley has a solid foundation of education of the Arts. Wiley studied drama at the Juilliard School in New York, and graduated in 2010. With that she used her Julliard connection landed an audition for Orange is the New Black and the rest is history! She sports a simple short fade cut and Rocks it well. When you scroll through her Instagram you will find her personality coming off screen and you can feel the outgoing, fun, loving, and exciting woman she is. Check her out and follow her @WhoDoDatLikeDat

Nazanin Mandi

People may recognized the stunning woman as being Miguel’s leading lady! But she is more than just that, with her own amazing resume of her own! Nazanin’s has experience in musical theatre, with the ability to sing in 5 different languages, mastery of jazz and classical music make her a quadruple threat. She has big beautiful curls cut in a fun chic bob. Nazanin Mandi has Persian, Spanish, Mexican, and Native American ancestry according to Latina Magazine. You can definitely see why she is so gorgeous and has those beautiful big curls! On her Instagram her photos show her life from modeling for her iphone, to amazing photo shoots, and cute photos supporting her man! So if you’re not checking out all the hot, sexy, and bold post on her Instagram than go check them out @NazaninNandi

Jennifer Hudson

OH MY GOODNESS!! So I am not sure about you but I am always blown away by her. She is the master of vocals and surprises. Between her weight loss and ever evolving hair we know she is “feeling good” and I have to say “she is looking good” Jennifer Hudson has many accolades and is a force to reckoned with. From Her powerhouse of a soprano voice to her ability to act like no other! She is just awesome! Hair has definitely been her crowning glory and best accessory. Her Instagram shown through her lens shows her ambitious, stylish, and fulfilling life! Check her out @IamJHUD on Instagram

Tamera Mowry-Housley

Miss: “I Turn Up!” to “Tam Tam” this woman is just so exceptional it’s so hard not to love her. From being on TV from child to now co-hosting The Real Daytime Talk show Tamera has always been flaunting her curls. From long to short. As of the past year in a half Tamera decided to do the BIG CHOP to start her Natural Hair journey. She even found the strength to wear her curls on her talk show. But believe the cyber bullies came out in full force criticizing her look! But that didn’t stop Tamera. On #firebackfriday she let the whole world know how she felt. And Left it at that. Besides that she is a mogul, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two beautiful children. So if you’re on Instagram and need a dose of a woman who always smiling at the haters check her out @TameraMowryTwo

Leah Still

In June 2014, Leah Still, was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma stage 4 cancer with a 50-50 chance for her life. Daughter of Devon Still defensive tackle (DT) for the Cincinnati Bengals, she is the true DT. The Bengals decided to keep her father on the practice squad so he would be able to provided and take care of Leah during the battle with cancer. Gaining National headlines Leah and her father captured America’s heart. The media and the press went nuts. Leah was able to walk in New York fashion week along with many other great experiences from a special shout out from the king himself Lebron James! Cancer has been a fight for her and her father Devon. From steps forward to set backs. Since this whole journey Leah and her dad have raised millions of dollars to support the continue research for cancer mainly focused for children. She doesn’t have an Instagram but her father does @Man_Of_Still75 and there you will find her smiling cheek to cheek giving you all the motivation to keeping going in life as she is! She is rocking short hair due to the chemo and radiation and baby girl is Rocking short hair. Leah Still fashion choice to accessories for her hair make her the real MVP!

Viola Davis

Viola Viola Vilola!!! She is all that and so much more. This woman is the definition of a true queen! But there is always a story about a woman on the throne. In a interview with Vulture, the How to Get Away With Murder star opened up that she was battling alopecia areata, a condition that causes a person to lose round patches of hair from their scalp. Davis was 28 years old when she lost most of her hair to the condition. With any woman that defiantly affected her confidence. “I woke up one day and it looked like I had a Mohawk. Big splash of bald on the top of my head,” she said. “I was like, ‘What is this?’ Until I found out it was stress related. That’s how I internalized it. I don’t do that anymore. My favorite saying in the world is, ‘The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.’ I am telling you, I have spent so much of my life not feeling comfortable in my skin. I am just so not there anymore.” Than that moment finally arrived when she attended the 2012 Oscars and showed off her natural short ‘fro and what a moment it was. She is a true Queen! So follow her on Instagram @ViolaDavisOfficial to take a look at a true queen, her family, Hollywood lifestyle, and her rocking short hair all day everyday SLAYING the Game!

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o identifies herself Mexican-Kenyan She was born in Mexico, but was raised in Kenya. Highly educated Lupita received her masters from Yale School of Drama. With her formal education and experience behind the scenes and on set she landed a role that rewarded her a Best Supporting Actress for the Oscars for her role as Patsey in 12 Years a slave! If it was only for those things that made her so amazing they are definitely not. Lupita Fashion game is so strong and on point everyone wants to sign her to be the face and image of their brand. She has been rocking a short fro for a while and it is a classic statement and testament to who she is. Also being playful by adding a hair pins or headbands there she keeps the short fro fresh! That’s exactly how she keeps her Instagram page. SO follow her and check her fun, loving, and vivacious self out @LupitaNyongo

Willow Smith

“I think my look changes all of the time and right now, it’s a bit more messy, kind of grungy,” she said in Cr Fashion Book. She is the youngest member in the Smith family. With being the youngest that could cause pressure to be as good as your Family but not for Willow. She opened up about one of her goals for 2015, which is to get more in touch with her true self. With that being said I am pretty sure that includes changing her hair again. “I just want to have dreads. I want to embrace my full self, as natural as I can be,” she told CR Fashion Book. Willow had faux locs back in March and loved it so much so she is starting her own journey. As a singer, actress, and dancer Willow Smith has tried out more hairstyles than I have and I am 23. She shaved her head back in 2012 and changed up her color at least three times to neon-green, yellow, and pink all in one year. Since then, she’s been photographed and seen with everything from a mohawk to an asymmetrical bob and blunt bangs. Willow smith is very much a Artist and if you check this bold and ever changing girl you will most defiantly find inspiration so check her out on Instagram @gweelos

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